25th Anniversary of the release of the ‘Cartwright Report’ remembered

Women’s Health Action’s annual Cartwright Anniversary Seminar, to be held on the 13th August in Auckland, will mark 25 years since the release of the ‘Cartwright Report’ which followed the Inquiry into the Allegations Concerning the Treatment of Cervical Cancer at National Women’s Hospital in 1987 and 1988, known as the ‘Cartwright Inquiry’ after the presiding judge, Dame Silvia Cartwright.

This years’ Cartwright Anniversary Seminar, organised in partnership with Counselling Services Centre, HELP, Rape Prevention Education and Tu Wahine Trust is titled ‘One in a hundred: Improving justice for sexual violence survivors’ and will examine why New Zealand has such low rates of conviction for sexual violence offences.  Latest statistics show that only 7% of sexual violence incidents are reported, 3% of all incidents are prosecuted and a mere 1% of all incidents result in a conviction.  A panel of high profile speakers, including Survivor Advocate Louise Nicholas and Victoria University Associate Professor of Law Elisabeth McDonald, will explore some of the barriers to justice for survivors of sexual violence in New Zealand with a focus on court processes, and what can be done about it.

The seminar will be held at Parnell Trust Jubilee Building from 1-3 pm on Tuesday 13th August, 2013, followed by afternoon tea. Registration costs $10 and can be obtained from Women’s Health Action www.womens-health.org.nz or (09) 520 5295.

Click here to read the Cartwright Anniversary Seminar 2013 Press release from Women’s Health Action