Our Staff


We have a team of case workers working around the country. We work in teams of three with each case we are working on. To ensure the work is carried out safely by the specialists, a clinical psychologist supervises the team. The team meets weekly and all cases are reviewed at the team meeting. The supervision provides checks and balances aimed at keeping all stakeholders safe.

See below for more information about our case work team members role and who they are:

The survivor specialist:

  • prepares the person harmed (victim-survivor), recognising when the process may be causing more trauma and slow processes down.
  • encourages the victim-survivor into therapeutic counselling to help address the issues that may come forward as a result of the process.
  • works with the person responsible for the harm (person responsible for sexual harm or perpetrator) to help him or her understand the impact of his or her offending.
  • assists whanau /support people in understanding the dynamics and impacts of sexual violence so that they can provide a truly supportive role.

The restorative justice facilitator:

has an in-depth knowledge of sexual violence and in their impartial role can ensure that the process recognises the needs of participants and runs safely.

  • explains the process steps and ensures everyone understands what they are agreeing to participate in.
  • manages the ground rules to ensure a safe process
  • walks everyone through the steps of the process

The offender specialist:

Offenders or those responsible for sexual harm are well skilled in manipulation and minimising their offending. Therefore the work of the offender specialist focuses on:

  • assessing the person responsible for the sexual harm as a first step.
  • recommending they undertake a treatment programme if required.
  • ensuring they are ready to be accountable and take responsibility for the impact of their harmful sexual behavior before entering into the conference phase.
  • following up on the conference agreed outcomes to ensure that the person responsible completes those tasks set for him or her.
  • providing an educative role to help participants understand sexual offending.

Our caseworkers:

fionaFiona Landon

Senior Restorative Justice Facilitator -North Island

Fiona has been providing restorative processes in a variety of settings since 1999. She is currently a senior facilitator, a founding member of Project Restore and along with Jennifer Annan has been instrumental in developing the processes Project Restore uses. Fiona is a facilitator assessor with the Resolution Institute and  has provided training in RJ in a variety of settings over the many years of her work in this field. She has extensive experience in RJ facilitation for adults, family violence and sexual violence cases. Fiona is an accredited facilitator endorsed for sexual offending cases.



Colin Elliott

Facilitator – South Island

More info to come on Colin




Jennifer Annan

 Senior Survivor Specialist    – North Island

Jennifer has 14+ years’ experience   working with survivors of sexual violence at HELP Auckland. This included supporting survivors through police reporting, court support, 24/7-crisis phone line and individual counselling. She is one of Project Restore’s founding members and was instrumental in the design and delivery of Project Restore’s model. She has been working as a survivor specialist with Project Restore for 11 years. Jennifer is a NZ sexual offending accredited specialist. Jennifer brings a unique and valuable insight into how RJ may meet the needs to survivors and how to best support them to have their needs met.


Tony Lindquist

Senior Offender Specialist – North Island

Tony’s background includes working as a probation officer, as a reintegration coordinator at The Piriti – sex offender treatment programme at Auckland Prison, counsellor with Problem Gambling and other private clients. Tony has been with us for about 8 years. He is  a NZ sexual offending accredited specialist. Tony brings a depth of experience in working with sex offenders in treatment and RJ settings


Stanley Rapatini

Offender Specialist – North Island

More information to come on Stan





Hamish Dixon

Offender Specialist – Wellington Region

After qualifying in 1975, Hamish worked as a Clinical Psychologist in NZ before working in England adult psychiatric settings for 2 years. He then returned to up a position in the Child Psychiatric Unit at Auckland Hospital.

From 1981 he was Senior Psychologist at the Wellington Hospital Child Adolescent & Family Service where he became involved in the Men for Non Violence movement and became increasingly active in working with physically and sexually abusive men as part of his caseload. This led to the Group for Sexually Abusive Fathers being set up which was the second sexual offender treatment program established in New Zealand. In 1989 Hamish was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship and travelled in the United States, visiting programmes which treated those who had sexually abused others and supported their families. Later that year he moved to work with the Department of Corrections and was the Senior Clinical Psychologist responsible for Rimutaka Prison. In 1993 Hamish was involved setting up Wellington Stop, which later became WellStop.  He was on the Management Board and also led Groups and supervised clinical staff part time. In 1996 he left Corrections working full-time for WellStop to set up and run the new Adolescent Programme.

In 1999 Hamish became Manager and later General Manager of WellStop. An independent review of WellStop in 2004 described its programmes as being “at the leading edge of best practice”.   After 13 years as general manager of the organisation Hamish he left WellStop and worked as a clinical psychologist from April 2012.

Since then Hamish has worked 20 hours per week as a senior psychologist for the Youth Forensic Team of Capital Coast DHB.  and also works as a psychologist in private practice. For the past three years he has worked with Project Restore as an offender specialist.

 bernard-head-shotBernard Smith

Offender Specialist – South Island

More information to come on Bernard


Picture Sue Sliedrecht

Susan Sliedrecht

Survivor Specialist – North Island

Originally from South Africa and of British descent Susan has three children with two living overseas and one living in New Zealand. She has lived in New Zealand for the past 20 or so years and feel very privileged and blessed to live in this country.

Susan’s professional background is in both Social Work and Counselling. Her main theoretical orientation is a post modern approach with narrative therapy, solution focused and strengths based approaches all sitting comfortably in her practice. She strongly holds to the belief that the person is not the problem – the problem is the problem and that we all have capacity to heal and live well. She loves being part of helping people to live more fulfilling and satisfying lives.


Leigh Anderson

Survivor Specialist – South Island

More information to come on Leigh



Marlyn Robson

Clinical consultant

More information to come on Marlyn


Management Team:


logo-symbolJan Clark

Interim General Manager

Jan is a marketing strategist with a solid background in media, marketing and communications; launching and sustaining some of New Zealand’s best-known brands.

Passionate about the not-for-profit and social enterprise sectors she has spent the last decade working with organisations in senior leadership roles, building awareness and branding whilst securing major pieces of sponsorship and fundraising. Jan also has a governance role as a trustee on a NFP board and loves to inspire and motivate others to achieve shared vision, strategic goals and results.



Justine Leef

Core Services Manager

More information to come on Justine

Our Trust Board Members:


Debbi Tohill

Chairperson, Trustee

More information to come on Debbi





Matthew Broadhead

Treasurer, Trustee

More information to come on Matthew.






Dr. Shirley Jülich 

Founding Member, Trustee

Dr Shirley Jülich is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Health and Social Services, Massey University, Albany. Shirley’s PhD investigated the complex relationship between the criminal justice system, restorative justice, and child sexual abuse from the perspective of adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Following the completion of her PhD her research interests have continued to focus on the intersection of gendered violence, recovery, and justice, including the economic consequences this has for victim-survivors, offenders, their families and the broader society. Shirley has remained active in community practice in both the restorative justice and sexual violence sectors. She was a member of Te Oritenga, the first restorative justice provider group in New Zealand and is a founding member of Project Restore.



Kathryn McPhillips

Founding member, Trustee

Kathryn McPhillips is a registered clinical psychologist and the Clinical Manager at HELP Foundation where she manages their adult, child and family and youth therapy services to survivors and families and the child sexual abuse prevention programme. Kathryn is the crisis services for survivors’ representative of the Tauiwi caucus of the national network of sexual violence service providers (TOAH-NNEST) and sits on the Executive Committee as a founding member.