Post Conference


Follow up phase (stage 3):

The Project Restore team will check in with you to see how you are after the conference.
We will check to see that any agreements / outcomes made have been undertaken and report back on progress.
Sometimes we will attend review meetings (where the person who caused the harm attends harmful sexual behaviour treatment)  on behalf of the person harmed and keep them informed of progress.

Project Restore staff work alongside agencies providing support for survivors and treatment services for those who cause harm through sexual violence.

We use a case management process that involves clinical supervision of all team members and processes.

We appreciate feedback from all participants as to how the process has affected them and their recovery. This assists us to improve our service. As we engage in ongoing internal evaluation.

We will be asking participants to consider whether they are willing to participate and to sign a consent form if they are happy to be contacted.

Quotes may be used for fundraising and promotional purposes your identity will be protected at all times.

Please advise us if you do not wish your quotes to be used for these purposes. External research has been undertaken. Please ask for a copy of this if required

Links to some of the organisations that we can refer our clients to for further support. 
HELP Auckland:
Rape Prevention and Education:
Safe Network:
Nelson SASH: