Pre Conference Prep

Preparation or pre conference phase (Stage 1):

Our team will meet with you to explore what processes will best suit your needs and to answer any questions you have. Aims or goals for the process are discussed and a realistic picture will be given of whether they are possible to achieve. You will be updated on this all the way through the process.


You get to choose if you want to participate and what will work for you. If you choose to participate you do so on a voluntary basis and you will be provided with sufficient information in order to make an informed choice.


We will introduce you to all the Project Restore staff that will work with you. This will include the survivor specialist , the offender (person responsbile for sexual harm) specialist  and the restorative justice facilitator  who will all meet with you to assess your readiness and help you prepare for the process.


This may include:
•   Strengthening family and support networks
•   Getting clear on what you want to get out of the process and what you want to say
•   Assisting the person responsible for the sexual harm to learn how to communicate constructively and assisting them to understand their responsibilities to all those they have harmed.


If required they will assist you to access any ongoing support you require.