Meeting or conference phase

(Stage 2):

We can provide the opportunity for a facilitated meeting between the person harmed, the person who caused the harm and their support people. The Project Restore case work team which consists of the Restorative Justice Facilitator, Survivor and Offender specialists will be present in any meetings.


The focus of the meeting will be on the harm occurred, who is responsible for the harm and what needs to happen to put things right. This will give the person causing the harm the opportunity to take responsibility for the harm caused and to be held accountable directly by those they have harmed.


There are three distinct stages of the conference:


1. Talking about what happened and why: the person responsible for the sexual harm (offender/perpetrator) will be asked what was going on for them at the time the offending occurred, what did they do in their own words and looking back what they think about this now. Their will be an opportunity for questions about what happened and why will be available.


2. Talking about the harm: the person harmed (survivor/victim) will be given the opportunity to talk about the impacts of what happened and to hear the response of the person who caused the harm. Support people will be asked what they thought when they first heard about what happened and how this has impacted on them and those around them.


3. Putting things right and moving on: This is where the needs of the survivor that have arisen as a result of the harm done are considered and actions are discussed on how they may be addressed. The specialists will monitor any agreements / outcomes agreed.