What happens at an RJ Meeting?

Restorative Justice

referral-processA way forward for those affected by Sexual Violence

Project Restore offers an opportunity for anyone affected by sexual violence or harm  to address the harm that has been done.

It involves meetings/hui or what we call ‘restorative justice conferences’ that aim to meet the needs all those who have been harmed and holds those who caused the harm accountable.

It offers the opportunity for the person who caused the harm to take responsibility for the harm caused.
 The focus of the meeting will be on the harm occurred, who is responsible for the harm and what needs to happen to put things right. This will give the person causing the harm the opportunity to take responsibility for the harm caused and to be held accountable directly by those they have harmed.

There are three phases of the process
•   The pre conference or preparation phase.
•   The conference of meeting phase.
•   The post conference follow up and monitoring of outcomes phase.